ATTACK OF THE ROM-COM, my second book, is now available for your rabid consumption! You can get your very own copy here~

She's just a girl.

Standing in front of four rom-coms.

Praying for death.

​Sophie Sweet is a game programmer who adores three things: writing code; Doritos Surprise, the one thing she can cook; and her ride-or-die BFF Jodie Edwards. And only those three. To Sophie, people are a lousy bunch of jackasses who lie and leave when you need them most, so why bother? That goes double for “love,” a ridiculous fairy tale sold to women to keep them subjugated and cooking things besides Doritos Surprise, which is madness.

​Sophie and Jodie have a tradition of getting their fortunes read at the carnival, but this year there’s a new surprise in town—Tiffani the Psychic. The bubbly psychic can see through Sophie’s tough-girl veneer to her squishy, hurt center. Tiffani tells Sophie she’ll prove that everlasting passion exists for everyone! Sophie tells Tiffani to screw off.

​Big mistake. Huge.

​Oh, yes—romance, and Tiffani, are coming for Sophie Sweet, whether she likes it or not. And she will Not. Like. It. Tiffani is an unstoppable force, and Sophie, an immovable object who cusses a lot. But Tiffani will prove to Sophie that love can heal her wounds. And it’s right in front of her oblivious face.

Oh, hey, folks are saying nice things!

“I laughed, I cried, I peed a little. One part Thinner, one part Big, Attack of the Rom-Com is the perfect summer read for anyone who wants to ROBL (roll on the beach laughing)."

—Jessica Delfino, author of Amazon #1 bestseller Dumb Jokes For Smart Folks

"Martti Nelson’s trademark whip-smart snark gets cranked up to 11 in Attack of the Rom-Com. You’ll snort laugh and spew cliché crumbs as she shatters tropes with a refreshingly deranged voice that might make you believe in 'twue wuv' after all."

—Andy Spain, author of Cash Grab

"Nelson has done it again! In the battle of Sophie versus the Romantic Comedy genre, we are caught in the crossfire and go down in a fit of laughter."

—Keith James, author of Greg Maxwell's Inferno